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Polystream Joins TIFCA

By March 11, 2020TIFCA News

“Polystream is the platform that releases the possibility of unlimited real-time interactive 3D experiences, challenging how the world delivers immediacy, immersion, and on-demand from the cloud. As we move from hyper-converged to composable infrastructure, Polystream is ready to deliver applications at a scale never imagined before. We believe the next era in computing will change how we all can live, learn, work and play in 3D, and believing in their vision for the next era, we have joined TIFCA to help build the ecosystem to make this happen.” – Bruce Grove, CEO & Co-Founder of Polystream

The International Future Computing Association is proud to welcome Polystream to its growing list of industry leading member companies. Their platform leverages proprietary Command Streaming technology which moves graphics processing to a user’s own device and in so doing, makes the benefits of cloud gaming and similar applications more scalable.

TIFCA and its membership are currently pursuing the Client-to-Cloud Revolution which is the journey towards truly collaborative client-cloud computing which will enhance our user experiences in tandem with a developer-friendly create-once, reach all ecosystem. The revolution and support materials are detailed in TIFCA’s new portal along with related support information.

Join TIFCA, join the Client-to-Cloud Revolution!