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Organizations That TIFCA Has Worked With

The International Future Computing Association has roots that date back to 2009.  Over the years, we have hosted countless events, meetings, and conferences.  While direct TIFCA members have the industry leadership advantage, we constantly engage a very wide ecosystem beyond our membership.  Here are some of the companies that have supported our initiatives or have participated with our events.

Why NOW is the Time to Join TIFCA!


TIFCA’s mandate is about enabling what’s next in computing through industry collaboration.  Our current task is to build a world of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through write-once reach-many content and applications across all platforms.  This world will be enabled by a robust client-cloud ecosystem that makes it possible for users and creators to do new and amazing things.  The journey to this future is the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and it will enhance the user experiences of mobile, PC, console, Smart TV, immersive technology, and more.

We are collaborating with leaders in compute, network architecture and telecommunications, immersive technology, innovative content and applications, and other ecosystem sectors that are equally excited about enabling this new computing era.

Client-to-Cloud Ecosystem

Pictured above is the Client-to-Cloud Ecosystem that will drive the next era of computing.  In December, 2019, TIFCA ran a year-end ecosystem questionnaire for leading industry roadmap strategists.  Shown on the right, they told us who should join TIFCA to drive this initiative forward.  Respondents work in these compute fields:

  • Semiconductors (graphics, CPU, processing)
  • Compute OEM device makers (PC, mobile, cloud)
  • Content (application developers, game engines, toolset providers)
  • Infrastructure technologies (e.g. wireless, 5G)
  • Standards organizations
  • Immersive technology makers / developers

These results combined with our other data support TIFCA’s Client-to-Cloud Revolution.  The urgency is clear for organizations to be part of this, diverse ecosystem input will be even more important as we progress, and TIFCA will be aggressively pursuing this journey in 2020.

TIFCA is inviting and accepting members that are prepared to engage, collaborate with, and lead this developing ecosystem to the next era of computing.  Our early membership list is growing – JOIN TIFCA and be part of what’s next!

TIFCA Member Organizations

Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices designs and integrates technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing.  In addition to developing cutting edge CPUs and graphics chips, they continue to be unwavering supporters of virtual reality and immersive technology at a hardware, software, and industry level.


UL helps create a better world by applying science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. We empower trust by enabling the safe adoption of innovative new products and technologies. Everyone at UL shares a passion to make the world a safer place. All of our work, from independent research and standards development, to testing and certification, to providing analytical and digital solutions, helps improve global well-being. Businesses, industries, governments, regulatory authorities and the public put their trust in us so they can make smarter decisions.

UL is the world’s leading independent benchmark developer. UL benchmarks enable people to measure, understand and manage computer hardware performance. Our talented team creates the industry’s most trusted and widely used performance tests for desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and VR systems.


Since 2010, Siliconarts Inc. has been a leading provider of Real-Time Ray Tracing enabled GPU Technology.  Siliconarts designed its RayCore Series, a cutting edge ray tracing hardware IP that enables the rendering of natural lighting effects in a superior manner, proposing the most efficient way of implementing cinema-quality 3D contents in Real-Time. Siliconarts is the only Lowest Power, Highest Performance ray tracing GPU IP developer that creates proprietary, source technology for Real-Time ray tracing rendering and technologies are backed by comprehensive global patents.


Adshir is a graphics technology powerhouse and the first to develop a real-time ray tracing solution for battery powered devices. Adshir leverages a solution for Physically Accurate Graphics, in real-time, for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and gaming. For the first time real-time ray tracing is enabled on limited powered devices, democratizing ray tracing for the mass gamers’ audience, and revolutionizing the video game industry.

M2 Insights

M2 Insights is a leader in market intelligence & advisory services for digital media and interactive technologies. Working with the world’s largest companies as well as innovation startups, M2 Insights provides actionable intelligence through strategic analysis, custom research, and industry reports.

Jon Peddie Research

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is a technically oriented computer graphics marketing and management-consulting firm based in Tiburon, CA. They provide specialized services to senior and middle management in computer companies and companies that are major computer users.

TIFCA Support Service Providers

CREW Communications develops distinct brand messaging and adds consistency to written and creative content, however it’s expressed. For over a decade, we have worked with high technology companies, component makers, clean technology, and consumer electronics manufacturers. We target technology customers wherever they may be: face-to-face, online, in mail, or through social communities. Most of all, we positively impact your bottom line.