IFC Summit Reveals First Speakers

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

An evolution is happening in the computing world that is going to influence the way we use and think of computers. Get ready for it by being at the International Future Computing Summit (IFC Summit)! The future computing ecosystem includes compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications. Read More

Open Call For Speakers at The International Future Computing Summit

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

Since 2014, the International Future Computing Association (TIFCA) has been annually hosting the Immersed conference in Toronto, and it has consistently served as Canada’s leading immersive tech conference.

The Future Computing Ecosystem

Beginning last year, we expanded our mandate to address future computing.  Future computing is the practice of enabling what’s next through the pillars of compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications.  Now we are ready for the next step! Read More

TIFCA Meets During GDC 2019

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

Each year, The International Future Computing Association holds its annual meeting during Game Developers Conference.  This year’s meeting included the future computing market leaders that work in compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications.

Special thanks to Intel and Advanced Micro Devices for co-sponsoring this exclusive meeting of the world’s top influencers in this space.  With a mission to lay down the groundwork and enhance the viability of building what’s next in the future computing world, TIFCA continues to demonstrate itself to be the place where things get done.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact us to learn more.

Immersed Reveals Samsung and NIST Keynotes Among 30+ Speakers

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

Richard Huddy
Head of Game Ecosystem
Samsung Research Institute (UK)

Running November 8-9 in Toronto, Canada, there are just TEN DAYS left until the Immersed 2018 summit! We are very proud to reveal that Richard Huddy, Head of the Game Ecosystem for the Samsung Research Institute (UK) is going to be the second Immersed keynote. Huddy is going to talk about the blockbuster game Fortnite and the Samsung and industry-backed innovations that were needed to make that title possible on the Android platform. Read More

Immersed and iVentures 48 Hour Flash Sale is LIVE

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News


TIFCA’s Immersed conference and IO’s iVentures are having a 48 hour flash sale beginning NOW!  Delegates can buy a full access pass to Immersed for $295 CAD plus fees and taxes; a $200 savings! OR, they can get full access to both Immersed and iVentures for $495 CAD plus fees and taxes which is a huge value.

This sale ends October 25 at 10:00AM EST and the number of available tickets is limited.  This discount offer will not be offered again, and existing tickets cannot be exchanged or discounted for this temporary program.

iVentures runs November 6-7, 2018 and Immersed 2018 runs November 8-9, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Immersed features over 30 international speakers from companies like AMD, Intel, Survios, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Samsung Research Institute, Microsoft Canada, Deloitte Canada, Lenovo, the Globe and Mail, GINX Esports Television, and many more.  Companies speaking at iVentures include Dark Slope Studios, Ubisoft, Skyship Entertainment, World Gaming, and more.

Alex Igelman to Talk Esports at Immersed 2018

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

Alex Igelman
Executive Chairman and Founder
Millennial Esports Corp.

Immersed takes esports up a notch with Alex Igelman, Executive Chairman and Founder of Millennial Esports Corp.  With over twenty-five years of experience in technology, entertainment and casino gaming, Igelman was the first lawyer to focus on Internet gaming and was instrumental in the early success of PartyGaming and PokerStars.

In 2004, he was involved in the creation of Gaming VC that has become a giant in the space. Igelman has most recently been focused on the Esports sector and was recruited to be a strategic consultant to Pro Gaming League (PGL), the first Esports related company that was later acquired by Millennial Esports Corp. In 2016, Millennial Esports was debuted on the TSX-V under the symbol GAME with Igelman as CEO. Igelman has successfully grown the company and has focused on raising over $27,000,000 and counting. Read More

Survios is Speaking at Immersed 2018

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

Mike Domaguing
Vice-President of Marketing

Put your dukes up! Mike Domaguing, Vice-President of Marketing for Survios, is SPEAKING AT IMMERSED and joining our list of 30+ international speakers!

Survios is a AAA virtual reality content developer and distributor that releases chart-topping titles like “Raw Data,” “Sprint Vector,” and the latest collaboration with investor MGM, “Creed: Rise to Glory”. YES – Rocky in VR! Read More

Marc Saltzman Added to OVER 30 Immersed 2018 Speakers

By Neil Schneider | TIFCA News

Marc Saltzman
Technology Journalist and Author

There are still more surprises on the way! Immersed now has over thirty speakers including Marc Saltzman, esteemed technology journalist and author. Marc is one of North America’s most recognizable and trusted tech experts with a strong expertise in consumer electronics, Internet trends, interactive entertainment, and future technology. Read More