Project CORA Executive Summary Published!

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Project CORA LogoProject CORA (Create Once Reach All) is the proposal to enable a single piece of content to run on many client devices from a single workflow and build process. It can take advantage of the capabilities of each client device, and support a client, cloud, and hybrid client-cloud workload balanced compute ecosystem.

The International Future Computing Association has published an Executive Summary of its soon to be released Project CORA Vision Paper.  TIFCA welcomes the industry to contribute to Project CORA through participation, framework engineering, and bold new ideas. Read More

TIFCA’s Foresight 2020 Featured in Gamasutra

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

TIFCA on Gamasutra

A few times a year, Neil Schneider, Executive Director of TIFCA, shares industry insights on Gamasutra and other media outlets.  His most recent article discusses the ongoing development of the next era of computing, Project CORA, and how and why the Foresight 2020: Cross-Platform Survey came to be.

Complete your survey by December 13, 2020 so you qualify to get a ticket to the International Future Computing Summit while supplies last.  The IFC Summit runs virtually December 16, 2020, so get your submission in ASAP.


Foresight 2020 Survey is LIVE!

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The International Future Computing Summit
The International Future Computing Association (TIFCA) is helping develop a Create-Once, Reach All (CORA) ecosystem that enables content to run on multiple hardware platforms from one version of software.  The Foresight 2020: Cross-Platform Survey is pursuing through industry-wide study an understanding of how each member of the ecosystem is defining cross-platform, and what their main challenges are with supporting cross-platform content and hardware.

Seeking survey participation by:

  • Content and application developers
  • Software engineers, coders, programmers
  • Hardware platform, IHV, and related ecosystem professionals

Respondents that complete their questionnaire by December 13, 2020 qualify to get their virtual IFC Summit ticket for free while supplies last.  Complete your survey NOW!

Make sure the data we collect is valuable to YOU

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Participant Target Markets

TIFCA is building a snapshot of the compute ecosystem in the areas of content and application development, distribution, and hardware support through a unique information gathering effort. Findings will contribute to understanding ecosystem challenges so collaborative solutions are developed. Read More

Get Registered For the Real-Time Ray Tracing Summit!

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The International Future Computing Association is proud to be a media sponsor for The Real-time Ray Tracing Summit running June 17, 2020. Ray tracing is regularly touted as a top tier computer graphics technique because it delivers the most realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows effects in games and content. While ray tracing has been around for a very long time, it’s only now that the compute horsepower and technologies are becoming readily available to the masses.

Register today to learn about the latest developments in real-time ray tracing from industry leaders!

M2’s Real-Time Ray Tracing Summit will feature market-leading presentations by Nvidia, SiliconArts, Adshir, Khronos, Adobe, Chaos Group, The Forge, and Jon Peddie Research.

New ITA Chair, Introductory Offer Extended, Call For Speakers

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Adam Glick, ITA Chair

Chair of The Immersive Technology Alliance
Technical Marketing Lead, Visual Cloud Technologies
Advanced Micro Devices

“TIFCA’s Client-to-Cloud Revolution is exciting both at an industry and personal level. I’ve seen first-hand how they bring market leaders together to overcome industry challenges, and this initiative directly ties in to where things are heading. I’m very excited to help chart this next computing era forward.” – Adam Glick, new Chair of The Immersive Technology Alliance

The International Future Computing Association is proud to welcome Adam Glick, Technical Marketing Lead for Visual Cloud Technologies at Advanced Micro Devices as its new Chair for the Immersive Technology Alliance (the ITA).

Adam leads technical communications and marketing efforts for AMD’s Visual Cloud and Data Center GPU technology offerings and has expertise in the areas of cloud-connected human experiences, graphics-accelerated remote desktops and application streaming, and immersive technology industries like augment reality, virtual reality, and more. Read More

Limited Time Introductory Membership Program

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Given the industry enthusiasm for the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, we wanted to accelerate involvement by providing up-close experience in how TIFCA achieves its objectives and delivers value to its membership.

Until April 30, 2020, TIFCA will be offering a limited number of “Industry Leader” and “Startup Select” two month trial memberships. These trial memberships will be private in that the participants will only be identified during the TIFCA meetings. Even though voting rights are limited to committed members, trial participants will be given full access to membership meetings so they can actively contribute to the discussions and direction of TIFCA and its day to day efforts.

Application acceptance is contingent on TIFCA leadership approval, and will be based on a reasonable likelihood that candidates are capable of being long-term members, there is engagement and interest in TIFCA-related efforts (e.g. the Client-to-Cloud Revolution), and they have expertise that could help drive organization and industry goals.

Complete the application process on this page to be contacted about the program.

TIFCA Talks Cloud Gaming and Client-Cloud on Gamasutra

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
TIFCA's Neil Schneider on Gamasutra

TIFCA’s Neil Schneider on Gamasutra

Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The International Future Computing Association, shared his insights on Gamasutra about the unique benefits of cloud gaming products like Nvidia’s Geforce Now and Google Stadia, the challenging decision they present to game developers and publishers, and the possible solutions and related opportunities that the industry is working on together inside TIFCA.

Learn more about the Client-to-Cloud Revolution at