What is TIFCA and What do we do?

The International Future Computing Association is a network of member companies and institutions that each play a part in what are, and will be, the ultimate tools and experiences that impact our daily lives using computer technology and media.

TIFCA’s mission is to lay down the groundwork and enhance the viability of enabling what’s next.  We achieve this through influential membership meetings, stakeholder education, market-building events, special initiatives, and more.

TIFCA is comprised of three pillar groups that include the Alliance of Computing Technologists, the Immersive Technology Alliance, and the Alliance of Content Creators.  It is purposely structured this way because even though each division has its own purpose and industry space, the pillars are interrelated in that each success helps drive the other.

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What is TIFCA Working on Today?

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Computing is heading towards an era of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through write-once reach-many content and applications across all platforms.   TIFCA is enabling this journey through the future computing pillars of compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, innovative content and applications, and their related ecosystem, infrastructure, and standards thereof.

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Client-to-Cloud in Action!

The International Future Computing SummitNovember 5-6, 2019
The Computer History Museum
Mountain View, California

  • Leading international future computing event
  • Business to business
  • Where the ecosystem meets and builds
  • 30+ international speakers

The Membership

The TIFCA membership is an amalgamation of the former Open Gaming Alliance and The Immersive Technology Alliance.  These companies have participated with organization efforts and initiatives.

What is Future Computing?

Future computing is the practice of turning technological dreams into reality with computers and computer media.The Future Computing Ecosystem
The Future computing ecosystem is made up of specialized pillars that include:

Compute Performance and Platforms

  • Graphics & processing capability
  • Supporting peripherals and ecosystems
  • PC, Mobile, Cloud, Console

Immersive Technology

  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Haptics
  • Advanced diplay / experience technology

Innovative Content and Applications

  • Entertainment
  • Video games
  • Enterprise / serious use case
  • Education
  • Game Engines
  • Content development toolsets
Alliance of Computing Technologists

We grow the computer horsepower and peripheral ecosystems that are the backbone of turning big dreams into fruitful realities.


We enhance the adoption and viability of immersive technology.

We advance generations of innovative content & applications.


  • Be INFORMED. Senior level private access to market leaders on a regular basis.
  • DRIVE the market! Co-develop and participate with initiatives that measurably grow your business and business potential.
  • SOLVE the problems! Join forces with fellow market leaders to identify and overcome industry-wide challenges.
  • CONTROL your future! Embrace Future Computing – don’t just react to it.
  • MEET the right partners to get to the next level.


  • A single membership includes access to all three pillars.
  • One vote per eligible member organization.
  • Most  meetings held via teleconference / web conference.
  • Membership rates for nearly all budgets.


  • Positive track record dating back to 2009.
  • Experienced management and advisory team.
  • True non-profit corporation.
  • All members are leading executives and decision makers.
  • Our initiatives are focused on YOUR viability.



Press Releases

Client-to-Cloud Revolution is Happening at TIFCA’s International Future Computing Summit

Neil Schneider | ITA Press Releases | No Comments
Computing Industry Architects, Strategists, and Roadmap Visionaries Gather at IFCS Mountain View, California (October 23, 2019) – The International Future Computing Summit (IFCS, IFC Summit) is the leading event for professionals tasked with knowing ‘What’s Next’ and embracing the client-to-cloud continuum. TIFCA thanks Intel and AMD for co-sponsoring IFCS to…

TIFCA’s International Future Computing Summit Ushers in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution

Neil Schneider | ITA Press Releases | No Comments
Intel and Advanced Micro Devices Co-Sponsor Market-Shaping Event Mountain View, California (September 19, 2019) – The International Future Computing Summit (IFCS, IFC Summit) is the leading event for innovating professionals in future computing and the client to cloud continuum. Held November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain…

Sixth International Future Computing Summit Moves to Silicon Valley November 5-6, 2019

Neil Schneider | ITA Press Releases | No Comments
Open Call for Visionary Speakers and Leaders in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution Mountain View, California (June 3, 2019) – Future computing is the practice of enabling what’s next through the pillars of compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications. Founded in 2014, The International Future Computing Summit…

Association News

Latest Developments by TIFCA And Its Subsidiaries.

Intel Shows What Client-to-Cloud REALLY Means at IFC Summit

By Neil SchneiderTIFCA News

Arvind Kumar is Senior Principal Engineer for Intel Corporation – the Chair company for the Alliance of Computing Technologists in TIFCA. As a Visionary Class Speaker at The International Future Computing Summit, Arvind explained the workings of the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and that its importance goes well beyond empowering devices with cloud computing. He also discusses the write-once, reach-many ecosystem.

TIFCA is also proud to share that Intel was a Platinum Sponsor of the International Future Computing Summit. If you are responsible for your organization’s strategy and roadmap in compute, network architecture and telecommunications, immersive technology, or innovative content and applications, YOU are part of the revolution.  Join TIFCA and work with us to enable what’s next.

Jon Peddie Research Outlines the Next Generation of Computing

By Neil SchneiderTIFCA News

Dr. Jon Peddie is CEO of Jon Peddie Research, arguably one of the most influential research firms in the graphics and computing industries. During this opening session at The International Future Computing Summit, Dr. Peddie gave a pointed outlook on where things are heading next and what things could look like in the next generation of computing. TIFCA as an organization deemed Jon’s vision compatible with our efforts in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution which is why his session was promoted to a Visionary Class level.

Neil Schneider Opens IFC Summit

By Neil SchneiderTIFCA News

Featuring a wide assortment of speakers and ecosystem in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, The International Future Computing Summit was a big success.  Presented by Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The International Future Computing Association, this opening presentation details the client-to-cloud ecosystem and how modern computing is changing.  It also outlines some short term objectives that TIFCA is working on with its membership.

Magic Leap Speaking at IFC Summit

By Neil SchneiderTIFCA News
Mark Morrison, Magic Leap

Mark Morrison
Director of Sales for Media, Sports, and Entertainment
Magic Leap

Running November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, The International Future Computing Summit is proud to welcome another industry-leading speaker.

Mark Morrison is Director of Sales for Media, Sports, and Entertainment at Magic Leap. Mark is going to talk about how we are getting closer to merging our digital experiences with our physical reality and ways to enhance the potential of spatial computing for entertainment and enterprise by reducing market segmentation.

Registrations close THIS FRIDAY!

Spirit AI Speaking at the IFC Summit

By Neil SchneiderTIFCA News
Peter Alau, Spirit AI

Peter Alau
Director of Business Development
Spirit AI

One of the challenges of multiplayer games is their communities can run the risk of cyber-bullying and general toxicity, and it’s challenging to manage. With computing heading towards an even more diverse client-to-cloud ecosystem, this becomes an even more important consideration.

Joining the International Future Computing Summit’s list of esteemed speakers, Peter Alau is the Director of Business Development for Spirit AI. He is a 25+ year veteran of the video game industry and has worked with every AAA developer in the industry. His expertise in Online Communities, Game Development, Industry Trends, and Electronic Entertainment had him at PlayStation, GameSpy, Electronic Arts, Sony Online, Linden Lab, Digital Extremes, and others. In his current role at Spirit AI, he is focused on conversational AI and anti-toxicity technologies in online games.

The IFC Summit runs November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.  Registrations close October 31, 2019 – REGISTER TODAY as space is limited.

HTC Speaking at the IFC Summit

By Neil SchneiderTIFCA News
Vinay Narayan, HTC VIve

Vinay Narayan
Vice President, Platform Strategy and Developer Community

Immersive technology continues to be an important backbone for future computing and the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and The International Future Computing Summit looks forward to welcoming Vinay Narayan, Vice President of Platform Strategy & Developer Community at HTC Vive.

Vinay oversees the company’s platform approach to ensure their products are delivering the best value to their customers and commercial partners. He also manages and grows HTC’s strategic relationships and leads their efforts to create and foster a community of developer partners who are passionate about XR. Read More