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Examples of the CORA Create Once Reach All Ecosystem include Client, Cloud, Network, PC, Mobile, Console, Streaming, Cloud Service Providers (CSP), Edge, 5G, Broadband, Telecom, CPU, GPU, Infrastructure, ISV, IHV, Platforms, OS, Metaverse, Security, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Game Engines and Development, Collaboration Tools, SAAS, Cloud Gaming, Streaming, Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment.


The International Future Computing Summit

IFC Summit Networking


From client to cloud to network, TIFCA is growing a membership of corporate organizations and trade groups that share common interests in the CORA ecosystem.  Membership is accessible for early to late stage companies as well as academic institutions.  TIFCA is also welcoming liaisons from contributing standards and trade organizations.

Industry Membership Tiers

Industry Tiers

  • Ideal for market leaders
  • Fully featured benefits
  • Strong influence on organization and industry direction
  • Highest visibility among peers and clients.

Start-up Membership Tiers

Start-up Tiers

  • Affordably designed for early stage companies
  • “Startup Select” tier includes TIFCA voting rights
  • Insider view of market-leading developments
  • Interact and work with market leaders

Academic Institution Tier

Academic Tier

  • Designed for post-secondary colleges and universities
  • Conduit for professional education and research partnerships
  • Birds eye view of what’s next and why
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