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My company has a responsibility to the direction, development, and empowerment of enabling what’s next in compute and compute media!

My company supports standards organizations, industry forums, and trade associations

My company benefits from being part of industry-leading organizations like TIFCA.

The Future Computing Ecosystem

Types of Organizations TIFCA Engages With

  • Compute solution makers (Cloud & Edge, PC, Mobile, Console)
  • Technology makers
  • Content & software developers & publishers
  • Content creation tool makers
  • Service providers
  • Distribution channels
  • Network carriers & distributors (e.g. 5G)
  • Academic institutions (faculty)

Types of Membership

Industry Leader Tiers

  • Ideal for market leaders
  • Fully featured benefits
  • Strong influence on organization and industry direction
  • Highest visibility among peers and clients.


Start-up Tiers

  • Affordably designed for early stage companies
  • "Startup Select" tier includes TIFCA voting rights
  • Insider view of market-leading developments
  • Interact and work with market leaders


Academic Tier

  • Designed for post-secondary colleges and universities
  • Conduit for professional education and research partnerships
  • Birds eye view of what’s next and why


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  • Title and name of company you are representing
  • Nature of your organization and what it does
  • Website address
  • Which aspect of TIFCA you are most interested in
  • Be aware that TIFCA membership is geared towards companies and academic institutions - not individuals.

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