How to Join the Future!

TIFCA has membership options for nearly all budgets. We also have special start-up programs for early stage companies and organizations.

Ideal members include innovative technology makers, content creators, toolmakers, academic institutions, and businesses that stand to benefit from what’s coming next.

Membership is limited to formal companies and is not intended for individuals.

Please contact us for a membership agreement. The basic membership requirements include a brief non-disclosure for private TIFCA meetings, everyone keeps their own IP, and the rest speaks to quorum and voting rights.

Join us in building the future!

Next TIFCA Voters Class Meeting Before Summit Begins
FREE Immersed 2018 Full Access Pass For New Voting Class Members
November 7, 2018
Ontario Science Centre
Toronto, Canada

Introductory Membership and Upgrade Offer

The Package of Advanced Tools & Hardware (TIFCA PATH) is a well-rounded benefits package for first-time voting class members.  This also applies to existing non-voting members that upgrade to a voting class status.  “Voting class” refers to members that have a direct influence on the priorities of TIFCA and includes important voting and quorum rights and requirements.

Specially formulated by Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, M2 Insights, and The International Future Computing Association, TIFCA PATH delivers a wide range of hardware, software, and unique membership benefits that are easily valued in the thousands of dollars for any serious business or market leader.