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CES / VR Fest: VR Cinema Content Panel

By Neil SchneiderMember Blogs & Education Sessions

Focused on a wide range of VR cinema content, this panel discussion features:

  • Moderator: Karl Krantz, Founder/Curator, SVVR
  • PJ Morreale, Senior Director of Operations and Head of YouVisit Studios, YouVisit
  • Louisa Spring, CEO, Bipolard Id
  • Mary Spio, CEO, Next Galaxy Corp.
  • Morris May, CEO/Founder, Specular Theory

CES / VR Fest: Under the Hood Panel

By Neil SchneiderMember Blogs & Education Sessions

Dare we say it, only The ITA has a history of getting all the staunchest competitors together at the same table to talk about the big picture.  Focused on the fundamentals of making virtual reality work from a processing and horsepower point of view, this memorable panel features:

  • Moderator: Alex Davies, Tom’s Hardware
  • Daryl Sartain, Director of VR, AMD
  • Tero Sarkkinen, CEO, Basemark
  • Neil Trevett, VP Mobile Content, Nvidia
  • Ryan McCall, Director of Sales & Business Development, Futuremark
  • Frank Soqui, General Manager Enthusiast Desktop Group, Intel Corporation

CES / VR Fest: VR in Public Exhibition

By Neil SchneiderMember Blogs & Education Sessions

During CES 2016, The Immersive Technology Alliance ran a series of panels as part of VR Fest.  This panel focused on the use of virtual reality in public exhibition, and featured:

  • Moderator: Jason Jerald, NextGen Interactions
  • James Jensen, CTO, The Void
  • Srinivas Krishna, CEO, AWE Company
  • Jose Luis Navarro, CEO, InMediaStudio
  • Kevin Mastin, Director of Business Development, AO&A

It turned out very well.  Be sure to share your comments and feedback below!

My Personal Soylent Green

By Neil SchneiderMember Blogs & Education Sessions

The following is an article being printed in Jon Peddie Research’s TechWatch based on JPR data, and while I’m under embargo until this evening, I got the go ahead to share it here early as I think it’s the only place where the industry can feel comfortable to openly discuss it.  I half-jokingly make the comparison to Soylent Green because we finally have core data to make a pretty solid sales prediction and strategy for immersive tech.  While some will like it and some will hate it, there isn’t much room for opinion here unless the numbers fail to hold up to scrutiny, though I trust my sources.  I’m hopeful this information will make it easier for ventures in the space to plan for the long term and appreciate the urgency to work together so this market is built to last. Read More

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ImmersedAccessRAWIN THE NEWS

Always linked back to the source, these are lead-in snippets of recommended stories from around the globe about immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D and more. Feel free to comment and weigh in on what you think!

This Is Why Apple Needs to Embrace VR

By PamSwartzIn The News


If low-cost VR headsets help drive sales of rival smartphones, I can’t see Apple hanging back too long.

By Tim Bajarin

One of the more obvious MWC trends was virtual reality. Samsung made a strong push for its Gear VR headset and LG got into the game with its own 360-degree headset.

My sources believe Samsung now has an edge over Apple and most of the competition because its $99 headset is more powerful than Google Cardboard. Plus, the tie-in with Galaxy devices will help it sell more smartphones, a tactic LG seems to be trying, too.

Early research suggests interest in VR headsets tied to smartphones is very high. Although they’re nowhere near as powerful as Sony’s PlayStation VR or Facebook’s Oculus Rift, they do deliver what I would call a semi-immersive VR experience; training wheels for VR, in a sense. If Samsung and LG can use VR headsets to drive more interest and sales of their smartphones, one has to wonder if Apple should follow suit?

Read more

Gallery: A First Look At Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera

By PamSwartzIn The News


The mobile 360-degree camera is a portable recording orb

By Dave Gershgorn

Samsung rounded out its virtual reality hardware set at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, by announcing the Gear 360, a new mobile 360 degree camera. The orb is meant to be used with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and the company’s virtual reality headset, the Gear VR. It has two 15 megapixel cameras, to capture 3840×1920 video, or 30 megapixel still images. Samsung hasn’t announced the pricing, or which other smartphones it will work with, but the company has said that it will be a relatively affordable accessory like the Gear VR, which sits at $99.

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Virtual reality: The difference between a $20 and $1100 VR headset

By PamSwartzIn The News


How Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift compare

By Anand Ram

At technology shows like this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there’s a good chance an oddly shaped visor will be strapped to your head and pressed against your eyes in an effort to make your mouth drop wide open.

The virtual reality renaissance is already here. And for the budding VR industry, this year could mean the difference between winning or withering away.

Winning means convincing a lot of people — not just to smile or gasp or laugh, but to walk away with a readiness to spend money — perhaps hundreds of dollars — and bring that experience home.

Facebook, Google and Samsung are just a few of the big companies hoping to do that, at prices ranging from $20 to more than $800. But how do these experiences differ — and are they worth the price?

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Virtual reality gear is turning heads at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

By PamSwartzIn The News, Uncategorized


By John Everington

BARCELONA // Virtual reality launches are turning heads at this year’s Mobile World Congress, with the market set to be worth up to US$3.6 billion by 2018.

High-profile VR launches by Samsung and LG this year coincide with a growing take-up of the technology in the UAE, with the Samsung Gear VR headset experiencing a steady sales growth.

VR technology was at the heart of Samsung’s press conference on Sunday evening, with attendees donning the Gear VR headset to witness the unveiling of the company’s new flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets.

The Korean giant also unveiled its 360 camera, which can capture 360-degree images and video, also offering live streaming. The camera is expected to hit the shops during the second quarter, at a price “less than a GoPro”, said a Samsung representative.

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New virtual reality gadgets and signs of funding slowdown are among week’s L.A. tech highlights

By PamSwartzIn The News


By Paresh Dave

The virtual reality industry received more clarity Sunday as HTC announced the price and release date for its Vive headset and Samsung introduced a 360-degree camera.

The news from the two Asian technology companies affects dozens of Los Angeles start-ups — and bigger entertainment firms — that are counting on the New Age gadgets to sell their apps, games, movies and hardware.

As it stands now, virtual reality headgear from Facebook-owned Oculus VR will start arriving on doorsteps March 28 for $599. The Vive will reach consumers’ hands beginning a few days later for $799. Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is likely to be more affordable when it goes on sale later this year. Google, Apple, LG and others are working on fancier virtual reality viewers too.

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Facebook unveils dynamic streaming for virtual reality video

By PamSwartzIn The News


By Benny Evangelista

Facebook, which has placed a $2.3 billion bet on the future of virtual reality, said Sunday that the company has created technology that automatically increases the resolution of 360-degree video as the viewer’s angle changes.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what his company calls “dynamic streaming technology” at the Mobile World Congress industry conference in Barcelona.

The technology will be available to owners of Samsung’s Gear VR viewer headsets in the next few weeks.

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