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Covering everything from academia to commercial endeavors, these private discussion forums are there for open discussion, collaboration, shared knowledge, and experimentation.  The forums are also a great opportunity to meet like-minded forward-thinking people in the immersive technology space.

This could be articles, videos, podcasts – you name it!  What’s key is that people get the chance to learn from each other.  We encourage all members to propose and share material for the Immersed Access community.  More than this, when you post commentary on what you see, it’s simultaneously shared in the discussion forums.  We want to see some great dialogue from this!

Virtual Reality Analytics

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Featuring article by Chuck Ian Gordon, Gordon’s Arcade

“For content creators it is vital to get user data during VR experiences. This is in order to improve those experiences, as people’s reactions in VR differ from those using other media. My thinking is that if measurement data on reactions in VR are already being accumulated, there must also be applications for that data in the business intelligence and data warehousing field.” – Joerg Osarek, Virtual Reality Analytics Editor & Publisher Read More

Virtual Reality’s Mass Market: When and How

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

This is a release candidate draft of an article that will be published publicly.  It features some numbers that haven’t been shared elsewhere, so please honor the Immersed Access NDA until this is released.  Members are encouraged to share their own input and ideas via the comments thread.


Picture sourced from PS4 Daily

While HTC and Oculus have demonstrated themselves to be respected pioneers in the PC VR space, I’ve observed that this industry will have the strength of diversity and that the market’s 2016 sales potential is tiny in comparison to its true opportunity in the not too distant future.

2016 is a brief moment in time, there is a natural order of things, and this article explains why the virtual reality market’s potential audience is destined to grow to hundreds of millions of units within the next three to five years and what the markers are that support this forecast. Read More

Updated: VR Sales Numbers You Can Count On!

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Virtual Reality: Delusion or Reality?

This article is pretty much good to go on Gamasutra.  As it features unique sales data that isn’t available elsewhere, I figured Immersed Access would be the place to share it first.  Clearly, our industry has a lot of work to do to make virtual reality and immersive technology successful and viable in the long run.  If these numbers hold up, everyone needs to be playing and preparing for the long game.  I am very confident that it can and it will happen for everyone, we just have to go into this with both eyes open.

Please honor the Immersed Access non-disclosure on the content until it is publicized, though feel free to share your own private commentary and input.  Maybe I missed some important angles, and all input is valued.  Also, please remember that if comments are shared here, that commentary and by whom is private unless they say otherwise. Read More

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ImmersedAccessRAWIN THE NEWS

Always linked back to the source, these are lead-in snippets of recommended stories from around the globe about immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D and more. Feel free to comment and weigh in on what you think!

We’d like to build a repository of industry reports so the Immersed Access membership can keep a sharp eye on the latest trends and developments.  If you hold the copyright and have access to reports and findings that the community should know about, please contact us!