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Vireio Perception Speaking at Immersed Europe

By August 3, 2015TIFCA News


Hosted on Meant to be Seen, Vireio Perception are free and open source virtual reality drivers that make it possible to play existing games in VR even if they weren’t designed for that process.  While native VR support has several advantages, Vireio Perception continually impresses games with surprise enhancements and abilities that were deemed impossible long ago.  Features like direct game camera control, positional tracking, enhanced field of view (e.g. having a 100 degrees or more FOV when a game was designed for 60), etc.

Immersed Europe is proud to announce the two of Vireio Perception’s core developers will be speaking at Immersed Europe to tell their tale.

“I’m personally very excited to be speaking at Immersed Europe. The chance to meet individuals at the forefront of these emerging technologies, who under normal circumstances would never be under the same roof; and the chance to spend time talking with them about subjects that genuinely interest me is an opportunity not to be missed.” – Simon Brown, Core Developer, Vireio Perception

Simon Brown and Grant Bagwell will talk about their latest work with Vireio Perception and the inventive techniques they have come up with to overcome the (formerly) impossible, and keep this free and open source project alive.

“It would be hard to miss an opportunity such as this, being both a very interesting group of speakers and attendees, not to mention based on European soil. These events are usually uniquely in the US, and is great to see such a well supported event here in Europe. Looking forward to touching down and discussing Immersive Technology.” – Grant Bagwell, Core Developer, Vireio Perception


Sample companies speaking at Immersed Europe include Sony, AMD, Epic Games, Crytek, The Third Floor, Rectangular Games (for Google’s Project Tango), XionVR, IM360, nDreams, and more and more and more.

Paid registration tickets include meals, all sessions, exhibit attendance, etc.

A big part of Immersed Europe is going to be an exhibition for both the delegates and the general public (a free to see exhibit on the Friday evening).  Meetup organizers (preferably in Europe) should reach out for special arrangements.  Email to discuss.