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Updated IFC Summit Date, Project CORA Executive Summary on the Way!

By November 10, 2020November 17th, 2020TIFCA News

Project CORA LogoProject CORA (Create Once Reach All) is the proposal to enable a single piece of content to run on multiple client devices and compute models from a single workflow and build process. It can take advantage of the capabilities of each client device, and support a client, cloud, and hybrid client-cloud workload balanced compute ecosystem.International Future Computing SummitThe International Future Computing Summit will be the reveal point for the Project CORA Vision Paper. TIFCA will be publishing an executive summary very soon that we’d like attendees to read ahead of the summit. To give readers enough time, TIFCA decided to move the IFCS date to December 16, 2020.

While the IFC Summit is primarily an invitation-only virtual event, respondents that complete TIFCA’s Foresight 2020: Cross Platform Survey qualify for a ticket while supplies last.

Learn more about Project CORA and the Client-to-Cloud Revolution at