The Client-to-Cloud Revolution

TIFCA and its membership are enabling a world of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through create-once reach-all content and applications across all platforms. This world will be driven by a robust client-cloud ecosystem that makes it possible for users and creators to do new and amazing things.

The journey to this future is the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and it will enhance the user experiences of mobile, PC, console, Smart TV, immersive technology, and more.

TIFCA is collaborating with leaders in compute, network architecture and telecommunications, immersive technology, innovative content and applications, and other ecosystem sectors that are equally excited about enabling this new computing era.

The Future Computing Ecosystem

Supported by Three Types of Compute


TIFCA - we enable what's next!

PCs, consoles, and mobile devices are nearly 100% self-reliant for their processing, storage, and graphics abilities.

  • Client devices are 100% self sufficient.
  • Internet connectivity is unnecessary for client devices to operate.
  • Demands on network infrastructure are limited.
  • Major performance increases require hardware upgrades.


TIFCA - we enable what's next!

Client devices are primarily responsible for display and interface, and almost all the processing is delivered by the cloud.  Streaming, cloud gaming, software as a service (saas) are examples of this.

  • Nearly 100% of processing is handled by cloud.
  • Client devices can be thin with limited ability.
  • Very dependent and demanding on external networks.
  • Performance improvements nearly 100% dependent on cloud.


TIFCA - we enable what's next!

Client devices either run independently, or they collaboratively process with cloud services to be greatly enhanced beyond the technology they are built with.

  • Client, cloud, and infrastructure share processing responsibilities.
  • Client devices work independently and get enhanced by cloud when possible.
  • Reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to enhance client devices by cloud.
  • Performance updates happen at both client and cloud level.

Project CORA: What “Create Once Reach All” Means

Project CORA Logo


Project CORA (Create Once Reach All) is TIFCA’s proposal to enable a single piece of content to run on multiple client devices and compute models from a single workflow and build process. The model can take advantage of the capabilities of each client device, and support a client, cloud, and hybrid client-cloud workload balanced compute ecosystem.

Sample key factors include:

  • Form factor, ergonomics, and usability
  • CPU and GPU and related processing ability for collaborative compute.
  • Peripheral connectivity and compatibility
  • Display, immersive, and experiential considerations.
  • Unique IP or abilities that different clients may possess.
  • Bridging infrastructures like 5G and high-bandwidth technologies.

TIFCA’s Project CORA is driving the next generation framework to run cross-platform content with a create once reach all approach.

At the 2020 International Future Computing Summit, TIFCA presented:

  • A shared vision of the next era of computing.
  • Analysis of the cross-platform ecosystem and client-cloud computing.
  • A first look at the Project CORA model.

TIFCA’s understanding of the ecosystem and the Project CORA model is subject to change as more ecosystem contribute their valued insights.

Roadmap and standards professionals continue to privately gather on a bi-weekly to weekly basis.  Contact to learn more.


It’s Time For Computing to Evolve

Why this revolution needs YOU:

  • The fundamentals of computing need to grow and change!
  • The benefits to the whole ecosystem are abundantly clear.
  • The Client-to-Cloud Revolution requires seamless communication and interoperability between client and cloud and everything in-between to work.

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution will change computing and the computing world as we know it, and this journey is beyond the abilities of any one company.

Working together as a collaborative ecosystem in TIFCA,
this revolution will be a reality.


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