The Revolution is NOW!

What is the Client-to-Cloud Revolution?

TIFCA and its membership are enabling a world of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through write-once reach-many content and applications across all platforms. This world will be driven by a robust client-cloud ecosystem that makes it possible for users and creators to do new and amazing things.

The journey to this future is the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and it will enhance the user experiences of mobile, PC, console, Smart TV, immersive technology, and more.

TIFCA is collaborating with leaders in compute, network architecture and telecommunications, immersive technology, innovative content and applications, and other ecosystem sectors that are equally excited about enabling this new computing era.

Some Ways the Client-to-Cloud Revolution Will Change Computing

BIGGER Audience

Compute market size will grow because:

  • Cloud-enhanced devices will do more.
  • Reduced up-front costs for users to take advantage.
  • Lower cost + better products = bigger audience!

Lose the Wait

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution enables:

  • High quality graphics and processor-intensive applications.
  • Huge performance in all form factors.
  • Regular and nearly immediate user-wide computing upgrades.

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The Client-to-Cloud Revolution would make it possible for application creators to:

  • Do what couldn’t be done.
  • Create with readily available compute horesepower to match!
  • Think beyond the abilities of any single box or device.

Easier to Publish

A Write-Once, Reach Many Device ecosystem would:

  • Improve product quality.
  • Make it possible to reach a bigger audience all at once.
  • Reduce the stress of coding for so many separate platforms all at once.

ALL DEVICES Will be Empowered

SHOWN LEFT: Compute horsepower comparison

  • PC is always ahead of the pack.
  • Console is 3-5 years behind PC.
  • Mobile is 10 years behind PC.

Imagine if these platforms shared the same ability at the same time!

Client-to-Cloud Ecosystem

Sell More

A write-once, reach many device ecosystem makes it possible to:

  • Reach all instead of just some device platforms.
  • Earn more revenue from more platforms at a time.
  • Benefit from what each platform has to offer.

Deliver 100% Quality

Application and content developers are cutting corners because they are having to code for countless platforms separately and at once. A write-once, reach many device ecosystem would make it possible for developers to:

  • Code for all platforms to their FULL ability.
  • Increase customer satisfaction on all compute devices.
  • Reduce the number of software bugs caused by lack of time to do things properly.
  • Make application and content creation a more enjoyable process.

Processing is Scaleable

A collaborative client-cloud ecosystem improves compute economics:

  • Processing can be regularly enhanced in cloud & data centers in addition to 1:1 user purchases.
  • Client devices sell and do more both locally and through client-cloud enhancement.
  • Product sales cycles shorten and happen more often across the computing ecosystem.
  • New high-demand innovations are more readily supportable in short term.

In the PC market, it’s estimated that there are three to five million premium level graphics cards sold each year.
The best selling games console sold 102 million units.
Chips and infrastructure will see multiples of this through the Client-to-Cloud Revolution.

Economic Growth All Around

Everyone benefits from this new era of computing!

  • Cloud service providers have more to sell and to more people
  • Device makers do more for their users
  • Technology makers can scale more and more often
  • Application and content creators reach a far bigger audience
  • Infrastructures like 5G, Wifi6, and broadband have greater justification and purpose.

More Environmentally Sound

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is more environmentally friendly because:

  • A client-cloud ecosystem can be more efficiently run than local client devices alone.
  • Cloud can be designed to be environmentally friendly as it scales.
  • It reduces the amount of E-Waste associated with technology and computing.
  • Power sources can be chosen wisely for the Client-to-Cloud Revolution.

Great Things Get to Small Packages

In an enabled Client-to-Cloud World:

  • Mobile immersive devices would perform at full compute ability
  • Innovators would not have to wait for compute to catch up
  • Startup to viability would happen faster for bleeding edge technologies of all sizes.

It’s Time For Computing to Evolve

Why this revolution needs YOU:

  • The fundamentals of computing need to grow and change!
  • The benefits to the whole ecosystem are abundantly clear.
  • The Client-to-Cloud Revolution requires seamless communication and interoperability between client and cloud and everything in-between to work.

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution will change computing and the computing world as we know it, and this journey is beyond the abilities of any one company.

Working together as a collaborative ecosystem in TIFCA,
this revolution will be a reality.