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The New Economy

By October 3, 2019October 13th, 2019SchedulePages

Andrew Schmied

Andrew Schmied
President, Maychirch
Strategy Advisory, TIFCA

Ernestine Fu, Venture Partner, Alsop Louie Partners

Ernestine Fu
Venture Partner
Alsop Louie Partners

Christopher Croteau, Executive in Residence, Intel Capital

Christopher Croteau
Executive in Resident
Intel Capital


Maddie Callander, VP, Boost VC

Maddie Callander
VP Accelerator & Portfolio
Boost VC


Tipatat Chennavasin, Venture Reality Fund

Tipatat Chennavasin
General Partner
Venture Reality Fund

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is going to need more than great ideas and infrastructure to work.  It’s also going to need early adopters and innovators and the investment capital to support it.  This panel discussion will talk about the economic ramifications of the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and what this means for entrepreneurs and investors in the space.