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The International Future Computing Association Gathers at Immersed Summit

By September 18, 2018TIFCA Press Releases

New Member Benefits Program Goes Live

Toronto, Ontario (September 18, 2018) – The International Future Computing Association (TIFCA) will be holding its first voting class meeting at the Ontario Science Centre on November 7, 2018. The meeting is one-day before the start of the 5th annual Immersed summit held on November 8-9 at the same location.

“Voting class” refers to a level of membership in TIFCA that gives participants a direct influence on the priorities of the organization. “TIFCA meetings are a lightning rod for decision-makers in what’s coming next. By having Immersed right after, many of these same thought leaders and other influential speakers become invaluable business and professional development opportunities for all summit delegates,” said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of TIFCA.

Future computing is the practice of turning dreams into reality with computers and computer media through the pillars of compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications. Core technologies include PC, console, cloud, mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
TIFCA’s purpose is to gather the future computing industry, identify the challenges, and use its joint abilities to overcome and grow the market further. Member companies and organizations include innovative technology makers, content creators, toolmakers, academic institutions, and businesses that stand to benefit from building what’s next.

Meeting attendees require their voting-class membership on record, and new qualified members will benefit from the TIFCA Package of Advanced Tools & Hardware (TIFCA PATH) while supplies last. Bundles can include a variation of IntelĀ® Core™ i7 and IntelĀ® Core™ i9 processors, AMD Radeon™ RX580 graphics cards, one on one teleconference meeting time with the TIFCA Chairs (Intel, AMD, M2 Insights), one or more full access passes to Immersed 2018, media creation and business productivity software kits, and more!

A remote connection to the TIFCA meeting will be made available for members that cannot attend in person.

Sponsored by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) (Platinum) and AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) (Silver), TIFCA’s Immersed 2018 summit exemplifies the collaborative nature of future computing by attracting our Visionary Class speakers like Frank Soqui, Vice-President and General Manager of the Gaming Division at Intel; Daryl Sartain, Director and Worldwide Head of VR, AI/ML, Displays, TV & Music Ecosystems for Advanced Micro Devices; and Wanda Meloni, CEO of M2 Insights. The first announced keynote is Derek Orr, Division Chief for the Public Safety Communications Research Division Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Celebrating five years of innovation, Immersed delivers the best opportunities for pursuing business development, top level expertise, and rare media access in the field of building what’s next. Core industries addressed include entertainment, education, healthcare, business, and manufacturing.

Companies which have spoken at previous Immersed events include AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Google, IBM, HTC, Epic Games, HP, Sony, Forrec, Lucasfilm, Nokia, SideFX, Basemark, Frima, Discovery Channel, Space Channel, and many more.

About The International Future Computing Association (TIFCA)
TIFCA is a network of member companies and institutions that each play a part in what are, and will be, the ultimate tools and experiences that impact our daily lives using computer technology and media. Its mission is to lay down the groundwork and enhance the viability of building what’s next. TIFCA achieves this through influential membership meetings, stakeholder education, market-building events, special initiatives, and more.


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