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Computing is heading towards an era of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through a create once reach all ecosystem.  TIFCA began its early CORA efforts with an idea called “The Client-to-Cloud Revolution”.  To catalyze the effort, The International Future Computing Association released its Client-to-Cloud Revolution Vision Document  and subsequently held The International Future Computing Summit in 2019 to gather ecosystem and reaffirm its next steps and objectives.

The following presentations discussed this early effort and why it is important from different perspectives.

Dr. Jon PeddieDr. Jon Peddie
Jon Peddie Research
Advisory Board, TIFCA

What the Next Computing Era Could Look Like

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is the journey to the next era of computing, but what does this era look like? Jon shows us what computing has looked like from one generation to the next and gives us a solid peak of what’s next and why.

Neil Schneider, Executive Director, TIFCANeil Schneider
Executive Director

TIFCA’s Path Forward in the Revolution

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is seen as the next era in computing, and TIFCA is helping enable it. Neil talks about TIFCA’s history, why the Client-to-Cloud Revolution matters, who stands to benefit, and the short-term objectives identified by TIFCA’s Chairs.

Arvind Kumar, IntelArvind Kumar
Senior Principal Engineer and Architect
Intel Corporation

A Practical Explanation of Why the Client-to-Cloud Revolution is Important

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is important to the sustainability and effectiveness of the next generation of computing. Arvind explains why there needs to be a collaborative and shared-responsibility relationship between cloud, local client computing, and everything in-between along with a write-once reach many device ecosystem.

Daryl Sartain, Director and Worldwide Head of XR, Displays, Wireless Ecosystems for Advanced Micro DevicesDaryl Sartain
Worldwide Head XR, Displays,
Wireless Ecosystems
Chair, The Immersive Technology Alliance

How and Why User Experience is a Factor

User experience is EVERYTHING.  Through example, Daryl shows how a multitude of computing devices, solutions, and applications have their own unique requirements that need to be addressed in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and how a robust and engaged ecosystem is necessary for this next era of computing to happen.

The Client-to-Cloud Ecosystem

Now We Talk

Getting into serious discussion and answering audience questions, sample topics covered include the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, when there is “enough” in the computing world, why it’s so important for the ecosystem to work together on this journey, and so much more!