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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Visit  You will see a register button on this restricted page.

Why can’t I enter a “username” when registering?

This is done on purpose.  The Username field will automatically populate based what you enter as your real name plus other criteria.  We are investigating software methods to re-organize the fields; it’s not so easy to do!

I got an error message during registration.  Now what?

Try it again.  If the error doesn’t clear, email so we can help diagnose and solve the issue.

I registered! Now what?

If you aren’t taken to the page automatically, visit for a summary of what you have access to.

Why can’t I see the discussion forums?

The forums will only fully appear after you have logged in.

I lost my password.  What now?

You can recover or replace your password by indicating you have forgotten it when attempting to log into the forums or visiting the main page.

I also want to share a video!  How do I do it?

Email to make arrangements to have your session recorded and published in Immersed Access.  We also have a process for users to privately upload their videos on their own, and manually published by our team.

Will others outside Immersed Access know I’m in the community?

Not unless you tell them.  Everything is deemed confidential; including who is in the community.

Can I tell others I’m using Immersed Access?

Yes!  As long as by doing so you are not undermining the privacy of the other members.  The bigger the community, the more helpful and influential it will be for all involved.

Can I use an alias instead of my real name?

This community is based on trust and responsibility.  Similar to the way we all use our real names at a professional conference or event, all members are required to use their real identities and credentials in Immersed Access.

Who is running Immersed Access?

Immersed Access is run by The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA).  Non-profit and non-proprietary, The ITA is the voice and industry body for immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.

Will my membership in the alliance be known?

Unlike corporate entity or academic institution members, Innovator / individual registrants are not publicly promoted as ITA members.  Only fellow Immersed Access members will be aware of your participation unless you publicly volunteer this information.

I see the potential of this community!  How can I help?

We really just want you to use and benefit from this space.  Posting, submitting education sessions where possible, word of mouth, and even just sharing feedback and ideas will make all the difference!