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Spirit AI Speaking at the IFC Summit

By October 24, 2019TIFCA News
Peter Alau, Spirit AI

Peter Alau
Director of Business Development
Spirit AI

One of the challenges of multiplayer games is their communities can run the risk of cyber-bullying and general toxicity, and it’s challenging to manage. With computing heading towards an even more diverse client-to-cloud ecosystem, this becomes an even more important consideration.

Joining the International Future Computing Summit’s list of esteemed speakers, Peter Alau is the Director of Business Development for Spirit AI. He is a 25+ year veteran of the video game industry and has worked with every AAA developer in the industry. His expertise in Online Communities, Game Development, Industry Trends, and Electronic Entertainment had him at PlayStation, GameSpy, Electronic Arts, Sony Online, Linden Lab, Digital Extremes, and others. In his current role at Spirit AI, he is focused on conversational AI and anti-toxicity technologies in online games.

The IFC Summit runs November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.  Registrations close October 31, 2019 – REGISTER TODAY as space is limited.