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Founded in 2009 as a formal non-profit corporation, The Immersive Technology Alliance is the voice and industry body for immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.  Featuring dozens of member companies and organizations, The ITA is a proud media partner for Augmented World Expo.
Among other things, the alliance holds quarterly meetings and industry-building working groups to foster industry to industry education and problem solving.  The alliance is free of vested interests in specific technology, platforms, or businesses.
Advisory board members include:
  • John Gaeta, Creative Director of New Media and Experiences at Lucasfilm
  • Dr. Jon Peddie, CEO of Jon Peddie Research, Former President of SIGGRAPH Pioneers
  • Neil Trevett, President, The Khronos Group, VP Mobile Content Ecosystem for Nvidia
  • Habib Zargarpour, Creative Director, Microsoft Studios
Basic level membership for content members is free for the first year, and inexpensive options are available for qualified start-ups.  There is also a professional / individual membership program called Immersed Access which is detailed below.
The ITA is pleased to offer the following discount programs for AWE members and attendees.  These special offers cannot be combined with other discount programs.


AWE members and attendees will be able to save $100 on registration against full value tickets. Use discount code “AWEimmersed2015“.  Discount only works with full value tickets.


Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer, HTC

Immersed 2015 takes place at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada from October 4-6, 2015. Meeting the needs of the North American East Coast, this professional conference is about giving content makers, technology innovators, and professionals the required tools and resources to build their businesses and excel in their career. This includes development expertise, media exposure, access to the investment community, and public excitement for the vibrant immersive future we are headed towards.

This year’s first keynote is Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer for HTC and Founder of the HTC Vive.  Additional companies speaking include AMD, Nokia Technologies, Next Galaxy Corp, IM360, InMediaStudio, Fraunhofer, Jon Peddie Research, and more!  Call for speakers is still open, and tickets ARE ON SALE!

All paid Immersed 2015 registrants qualify to get their first year of Immersed Access for free.  Certain restrictions apply.

Special exhibition options are available for qualified start-up companies and content makers.



Immersed Europe was aHUGE success!  Keynoted by Simon Benson, Director of the Immersive Technology Group for Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios (core developers of Project Morpheus), additional speakers included AMD, Epic Games, Crytek,  IM360, Starbreeze Studios, ImmersiON-VRelia, and several more leading names in the industry!


L-R: James Golding (Epic Games), Simon Benson (Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios), Neil Schneider (The ITA), Dominic Eskofier (Rockstar Games, Reddit)

Special thanks to the University of Murcia and all our sponsors and exhibitors for helping make this event possible.  Also thanks to IM360 for live streaming this historical event in 360º VR form.

Immersed Access Logo

AWE members qualify for a 50% discount on first-year registration (totaling $99.99 USD plus applicable taxes).  When registering, use the discount code “AWEregistrant” to benefit from this savings.
This is where the conversations continue!  Immersed Access is an NDA-backed private community for professionals working with or developing technologies pertaining to virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and all things immersive.  Applicable markets include video games, cinema, broadcasting, professional application development, education, and more.
The community features locked-down discussion forums, community-driven blogs, education sessions, and more.  Everything is deemed private; including who the actual members are.