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By July 22, 2016TIFCA News


Taking place July 24-28, 2016, Siggraph promises to offer a rich program featuring virtual reality and augmented reality.  They are also holding a new VR Village this year. The VR Village hosts a wide range of experimental ideas and projects with virtual reality, and this year’s edition features everything from a collaborative VR environment put together by Eon Reality to MechVR, an experimental simulator where you ride a giant biped robot – lots of fun!

This year’s flagship exhibit is the VR Storylab which blends narrative-driven, 360-degree VR content in a physical lab environment. It provides an immersive adventure by showcasing a wide range of art, entertainment, academic, scientific, and experiential VR.  In addition to the exhibition, there will be educational immersive content and discussions! The ITA proudly supports Siggraph each year; we hope to see you there.