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Patched Reality Joins The ITA

By May 16, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA News

“This is a key moment in the evolution of AR and VR, with so many of the necessary technologies now converging. We are very excited to join the ITA to have the opportunity to collaborate with the other member organizations to share knowledge as we work together to tackle the many remaining challenges ahead for our industry.” – Patrick O’Shaughnessey, Founder of Patched Reality

The Immersive Technology Alliance is very much here to meet the needs of the augmented reality (AR) industry as well as virtual reality (VR).  Patched Reality is a leading developer of custom augmented reality experiences and digital eyewear applications.  Pulling together the latest innovations in computer vision, 3d rendering, NUI, game development, and mobile and wearable devices, Patched Reality has exemplified truly unique experiences for its clients.  They have worked with the likes of Ben & Jerry’s, The American Museum of Natural History, HBO, Red Bull, Pepsi Max, The Jim Henson Company, and countless more.

Patched Reality has won both MUSE and SAMMY awards for their AR work, and the alliance is proud to welcome them!