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Oculus VR Story on Popular Mechanics

By May 27, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA News
The article seems to only be available in hardcopy or paid digital download, but the whole Oculus VR story was shared in the June cover story of Popular Mechanics.  The Immersive Technology Alliance also got a mention along with ITA member Next3D (D.J. Roller) and others.

This was a wonderfully written article about Palmer Luckey and his continued success in VR.  It shares the history of how Oculus VR came to be at the grassroots level, it talks about the eventual Facebook acquisition, and it really drives home the most important part of this whole story – the people.  It was a warm article that reminds us that behind their multibillion dollar acquisition, there was a great story about down to earth people aiming for the stars.

Disclaimer: Oculus VR isn’t a current member of The Immersive Technology Alliance.  However, the article discusses how some of their early roots came to be via The ITA’s consumer arm Meant to be Seen.  This is not the same as a formal membership in the updated alliance and should not be construed as such.