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O2 Filmes Joins The ITA, More Immersed Europe News

By July 10, 2015TIFCA News

O2 Filmes“VR is amazing in a lot of ways. To me, VR is the most powerful tool ever made to create empathy, and to be one of the precursors in this new way of storytelling. Trying to help create its grammar is one of the most exciting opportunities that I ever had. To make this journey, it’s essential to find people all around the world connected by the same purpose. The Immersive Technology Alliance is the best way to make this happen.” – Ricardo Laganaro, Director, O2 Filmes

The Immersive Technology Alliance is honored to welcome O2 Filmes to the fold. Recognized as the largest production company in Brazil, O2 Filmes’ owner is none other than Fernando Meirelles, the Oscar Academy Award nominated Director of City of God, Blindness, and The Constant Gardener.

Among other things, O2 Filmes is creating unique immersive content for the Museum of Tomorrow, a new type of science museum that is being built in Rio de Janeiro. The Museum of Tomorrow, with the help of audiovisual, interactive and game presentations, will take the public through an examination of the past, and by extrapolating current trends, it will highlight possible outcomes over the next fifty years.

Sonya Kim

Dr. Sonya Kim, CEO, One Caring Team

Immersed Europe is also continuing to grow. Our latest speaker addition is Dr. Sonya Kim, CEO of One Caring Team. One Caring Team uses the latest VR science and therapies, instantly transporting patients to discover a new world with endless possibilities. Current research proves VR not only reduces pain, but also anxiety and depression which are key areas of dementia. Their goal is to launch this technology further than ever by restoring quality of life to those we love most.