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NextVR Announces the World’s First Virtual Reality 360-Degree 3D Digital Cinema Camera System

By September 12, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA Press Releases

System Helps Filmmakers and Broadcasters Capture Ultra High Definition VR Content to Address Growing Consumer Demand

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – September 12, 2014 – NextVR, a pioneer in immersive, high-definition virtual reality technology for live and recorded experiences, today announced their new NextVR Virtual Reality Digital Cinema Camera System. The advanced camera system is being used to film the first ultra high definition, 360-degree 3D virtual reality content for the mass market. NextVR will be exhibiting a six RED EPIC DRAGON version of the system within the RED Digital Cinema booth (Hall Number 10, Stand Number 10.A10) during IBC2014 in Amsterdam.

The patent-pending NextVR Virtual Reality Digital Cinema Camera System is a 360-degree stereoscopic array of high resolution, high dynamic range digital cinema cameras that capture immersive, ultra high definition stereoscopic video and spatial audio for virtual reality displays. NextVR will be using its state of the art technology to bring the highest quality 3D virtual reality content to the market for use in products like the recently launched Samsung Gear VR.

“Having a true professional-grade digital cinema camera system is imperative to help filmmakers and broadcasters create the highest quality virtual reality content possible,” stated DJ Roller, co-founder, NextVR. “This system will help produce the compelling visuals consumers expect, as the demand to enjoy these amazing ‘like being there’ experiences expands.”

The technology behind the new NextVR Virtual Reality Digital Cinema Camera System is partially based on the three-dimensional video and camera technologies that several of the company’s engineers and producers designed for use in films like the IMAX® Journey to the South Pacific 3D, as well as Dolphin Tail, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Underworld, The Last Reef 3D and Great White Sharks 3D. This technology set a new standard for 3D filming, just as NextVR anticipates this new digital cinema camera technology will for 3D 360-degree virtual reality content.

NextVR will continue their development efforts to bring additional enhancements and improvements to high definition digital cinema camera systems and technologies.

About NextVR

NextVR is a pioneer in delivering premium content for immersive, high-definition, live or recorded virtual reality experiences. Viewers are transported into near life-like experiences, such as a concert or sporting event, with a complete 360-degree, three-dimensional view. Launched in 2009, NextVR has a deep IP portfolio with more than seventeen patents granted and pending for the capture, compression, transmission, and display of virtual reality content. NextVR delivers the most life-like viewing experience possible, and allows content to be streamed with pristine quality using current home and mobile Internet connection speeds. Founded by veterans in stereoscopic imaging technology, software development and film, NextVR is creating a new entertainment medium for the 21st century.