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Next Galaxy Corp. Joins The ITA

By October 30, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA News

“The Immersive Technology Alliance has been instrumental in not only bringing exposure to individual VR companies, but, importantly, to the VR industry as a whole. ITA is recognized as the epicenter of immersive technology and leading medium for companies from all aspects to collaborate to advance technology, ensure interoperability and define standards that are necessary for consumer Virtual Reality to become mainstream globally. With our unique offerings in VR audio and content, it was appropriate for Next Galaxy to get on the ground floor with other pioneers and visionaries to help immersive technologies reach its full potential.” – Mary Spio, Founder and President, Next Galaxy Corp.

The ITA is proud to welcome Next Galaxy Corp. to the alliance.  Next Galaxy Corp. continues to earn headlines for being the founder of CEEK – a fully immersive social entertainment and educational hub for VR – a metaverse platform.  Called CEEKARS, Next Galaxy Corp has also developed a 360-degree audio headphone specifically designed for virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift.

Mary Spio will be speaking at Immersed this coming November 23-24 in Toronto, Ontario.  Next Galaxy Corp. will also be giving a very early look at both the CEEK and CEEKARS technologies in the exhibit hall.  Immersed promises to be an exciting conference for all!