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Microsoft Canada Speaking at Immersed 2018

By September 24, 2018TIFCA News

Ricardo Wagner
Marketing & Operations Product Lead
Microsoft Canada

As exciting as the world of future computing is, it’s even more exciting if everyone has an equal opportunity to be part of it.

TIFCA is very proud to welcome Ricardo Wagner, Marketing & Operations Product Lead at Microsoft Canada, to the Immersed 2018 speakers list.  Among other things, Mr. Wagner leads Microsoft Canada’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives for people with disabilities.  Covering both internal and external efforts, his work addresses both the hardware and software components needed to enable everyone in day to day computing and future computing lifestyles that are easily taken for granted.  Some of the Microsoft products featured in Mr. Wagners’ work include the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft Office, XBOX, and more.

Outside of Microsoft, Mr. Wagner is working to support education in Africa and Latin America by co-leading a program called Myskills4Afrika.

Mr. Wagner will be part of the healthcare program at Immersed 2018 and will be our expert on making sure future computing benefits the widest diversity of people possible.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Immersed conference takes place November 8-9, 2018 at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada.  Get registered ASAP as space is limited!