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Make sure the data we collect is valuable to YOU

By August 11, 2020November 9th, 2020TIFCA News

Participant Target Markets

TIFCA is building a snapshot of the compute ecosystem in the areas of content and application development, distribution, and hardware support through a unique information gathering effort. Findings will contribute to understanding ecosystem challenges so collaborative solutions are developed.

Co-promoted by The Khronos Group, Jon Peddie Research, M2 Insights, TIFCA’s membership, and a growing list of ecosystem partners, results will be presented at the virtual International Future Computing Summit (IFCS) on December 16, 2020. The summit will focus on the results, our industry’s path forward, and related initiatives. Remaining findings will be discussed in TIFCA member-only meetings following the event.

TIFCA is offering the following:

  1. Qualified organization representatives are invited to three consecutive TIFCA meetings this August to help fine-tune the questionnaires for the most valuable data results.
  2. Respondents that complete their questionnaires by December 13, 2020 will get their IFC Summit ticket for free while supplies last.
  3. TIFCA is extending a trial membership for final analysis and organization steps forward to participants that complete points one and two.

Confirm your interest no later than Monday August 17, 2020 through this online application form.