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LocalRay – Efficient Ray Tracing on Cloud

By October 2, 2019SchedulePages

Dr. Reuven Bakalash, CEO, Adshir

Dr. Reuven Bakalash

Ray tracing is the only graphics technology capable of high degree of visual realism, long desired by the gamers’ audience.

Ray tracing is one of the most computationally complex applications, based on an arduous tree-intersection branching and rebuilding process. The question in hand is – how can one make ray tracing computationally efficient and effective economically?

The traditional Acceleration Structures, used to solve the massive ray/polygons intersection tests are static and complex, therefore incompetent to support real-time skin animation which require extensive hardware, power and cooling, that breaks the economics requirement of multiple streams per cloud node.

Adshir took an innovative approach to enable real-time skin animation which is essential for 3D video games, virtual and augmented reality. Adshir’s patented Dynamic Acceleration Structures replaced the conventional static structures, resulting in real-time animation and reduced computational complexity, achieving real-time performance and low power. Adshir’s LocalRayTM technology is implemented by a conventional GPU mechanism, with no hardware accelerators. The gained low power competence, for the first time, enables a real-time ray tracing, even on battery powered devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) enabling an efficient, effective and economical real-time ray tracing solution via cloud rendering.

Opening connected devices such as smartphones and Smart TVs market to high visual-quality 3D video games through cloud streaming is a win-win for both Consumers and the Cloud companies.

By using on the server-side conventional GPUs, without any special purpose hardware, enables the use of existing infrastructures. The reduced algorithmic complexity inherently supports a large number of concurrent online streams by the server and enable power efficiency and fast throughput.