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Limited Time Introductory Membership Program

By March 31, 2020TIFCA News

Given the industry enthusiasm for the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, we wanted to accelerate involvement by providing up-close experience in how TIFCA achieves its objectives and delivers value to its membership.

Until April 30, 2020, TIFCA will be offering a limited number of “Industry Leader” and “Startup Select” two month trial memberships. These trial memberships will be private in that the participants will only be identified during the TIFCA meetings. Even though voting rights are limited to committed members, trial participants will be given full access to membership meetings so they can actively contribute to the discussions and direction of TIFCA and its day to day efforts.

Application acceptance is contingent on TIFCA leadership approval, and will be based on a reasonable likelihood that candidates are capable of being long-term members, there is engagement and interest in TIFCA-related efforts (e.g. the Client-to-Cloud Revolution), and they have expertise that could help drive organization and industry goals.

Complete the application process on this page to be contacted about the program.