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Leading Deal-Maker and VC Connector at Immersed 2018

By August 7, 2018TIFCA News

Andrew Schmied, CEO, APS Consulting

The Immersed 2018 summit is coming up November 8-9, 2018 in Toronto, Canada, and we are very excited about our newest addition to the speakers line-up: Andrew Schmied from APS Consulting.

Future computing is all about building what’s next through the pillars of compute performance & platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content & applications. New businesses in this space often need special investment, planning, and adjusting so dreams can indeed be products and part of our daily lives. To make that happen, experienced connectors are needed that can identify the challenges and know the right people to solve them.

Andrew Schmied is one such person. In addition to raising crucial venture capital for his clients, Mr. Schmied is a professional deal-maker and has built deals with such companies as Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, NASA, Garmin, Airbus, Dell, Lockheed Martin, Apple and Barco.

Andrew exemplifies just one of the valuable contacts delegates can meet at Immersed 2018. Other top presenters at Immersed include Intel, AMD, NIST, and more. We continue to welcome the right speakers to Immersed!

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