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IT’S CORA, Preparations For 2022

By November 16, 2021September 10th, 2022TIFCA News

The International Future Computing AssociationThe International Future Computing Association’s mission is to develop open frameworks and initiatives that enable technology adoption.

Weekly ecosystem meetings, investigative research, new relationships, and exciting initiatives have all made 2021 a great year for TIFCA.  Now we are getting ready for 2022!

One of the goals of the TIFCA membership was to better understand the ecosystem it lives in.  Based on our findings, we discovered an industry truth we call CORA (Create Once Reach All).  CORA refers to methods and frameworks that deliver the same digital content across multiple platforms and devices. TIFCA is contributing to this space, and we have launched – a portal about the CORA ecosystem and where its future is heading.

The CORA Ecosystem

TIFCA is looking forward to continuing its work with the CORA ecosystem in making 2022 another great year with industry collaboration, framework development, and industry leadership. Contact us to learn more, join our mailing list, and JOIN TIFCA!