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ITA Membership Meeting: December 9, 2016

By December 11, 2016January 3rd, 2018ITA Meetings & Discussion

As indicated prior, meeting and contents are deemed confidential and bound my membership NDA.

The above meeting discussed:

  • The current VR market trends and data
  • New ITA / ITA VR Council initiatives planned for 2017
  • Well Being in VR (Research Based Materials)

The applicable market trends and 2017 initiatives are discussed within the first 75 minutes.  The remainder of the meeting is focused on research pertaining to well being in VR.

Present on the Call

  • Remi Arnaud, Starbreeze Studios
  • Alan Goldman, Emily Carr University
  • John Merritt, ITA
  • Neil Schneider, ITA
  • Daryl Sartain, AMD
  • Mark Fihn, ITA
  • Carol Warren, Crew Communications
  • Ferhan Ozkan, Crytek
  • Theo Valich, Crytek
  • Kevin Von Appen, Ontario Science Centre
  • Ryan McCall, Futuremark
  • Jim Preston, FOVE
  • Wanda Meloni, Open Gaming Alliance
  • Jason Jerald, Nextgen Interactions
  • Dr. Michael Madary
  • Jesse Joudrey, Jespionage
  • Dave Ginsberg, IMT Global
  • Paco Alvarez, ImmersiON-VRelia

Members are encouraged to share commentary below and or contact the ITA management team with input and ideas.