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ITA Membership Meeting: December 2, 2015

By December 4, 2015January 3rd, 2018ITA Meetings & Discussion

Highlights of this meeting include:

  • Announcement of joining forces with the VR Council and becoming whole within The ITA.
  • Presentation: Daryl Sartain, the new ITA VR Council Chair and Director of VR for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Presentation: Neil Schneider, ITA Executive Director, highlights for the year, initiatives moving forward.
  • Presentation: Bertrand Nepveu, CEO of VRvana
  • Presentation: Paul Gailey Alburquerque, Marketing Director, Droiders

This session featured a lot of open discussion from members and guests alike.  Corporate ITA members are welcome to comment below as there is much to discuss!

Here is Daryl Sartain’s (AMD) slideshow in PDF format:

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Here is Paul Gailey Alburquerque’s (Droiders) slideshow in PDF format:

[pdf-embedder url=””]


Be sure to comment below.  We also have a separate forum for key discussion areas within the ITA.

Thank you for participating with this meeting.