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ITA / ITA VR Council Meeting: 08/19/16

By August 31, 2016September 4th, 2017ITA Meetings & Discussion

This follow-up meeting focused on the development of a special survey for content creators to determine which VR guidelines we should focus development on.  However, additional ideas and developments came up.

Key participants included:

Dr. Jason Jerald, NextGen Interactions
Nate Hoffmeier, NextGen Interactions
Neil Schneider, ITA
Daryl Sartain, AMD / ITA
Danilo Moura, Loot Interactive
Ryan McCall, Futuremark
Alan Goldman, Emily Carr University
Dr. Michael Madary
John Merritt, The Merritt Group / ITA

Issues / Opportunities Discussed (Abbreviated)

  • There are several groups / organizations forming, and the ITA could be referring people to appropriate standards bodies. However, we need to have confidence in the direction that said standards body is pursuing. Are they meeting a spec? Are they pursuing the wrong outcome? Can The ITA set the expectation so the other organizations are pursuing a shared goal?
  • There are high costs of not having effective standards in the ecosystem because work has to be duplicated for multiple platforms.
  • Two paths in play: Which guidelines does the ITA / ITA VR Council want to focus on AND / OR is there a spec we should be setting for others to build on?
  • The best path for survey design. What do we want to learn from the content makers at this early stage?  Nature of questions.


  • NextGen Interactions and ITA management is designing a preliminary survey based on input from meeting. Will have draft ready no later than September 7, 2016 or sooner.
  • Building internal mailing list / community for ITA Data Collection Working Group.  This has interests spanning outside the limits of VR Guidelines.  Email to be added to the list.