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ITA / ITA VR Council Annual Meeting, 03/15/16

By March 26, 2016September 4th, 2017ITA Meetings & Discussion

In order of appearance with timecode:

Time Index 00:00 to 19:10
Neil Schneider, Executive Director, The Immersive Technology Alliance
Daryl Sartain, ITA VR Council Chair

  • Key discussion points
  • Results of membership needs survey
  • Market observations
  • Where does the alliance go from here.

Time Index 19:12 to 26:25
Tero Sarkkinen, CEO, Basemark

  • Member introduction
  • Demonstration of VR Mark
  • Reasons for joining ITA

Time Index 26:37 to 31:32
Dominic Eskofier,CEO,

  • Member introduction
  • Status of investment in virtual reality
  • Ideas for the ITA to help build investment potential for start-up companies.

Time Index 31:36 to 38:15
Guillaume Gouraud, VP of Business Development, Starbreeze Studios

  • Member introduction
  • Things that The ITA can do / why Starbeeze Studios joined.

Time Index 38:18 to 45:40
Dr. Jason Jerald, NextGen Interactions

  • Member introduction
  • Importance of developing VR language
  • Things The ITA can do.

Time Index 45:43 to 52:04
Jani Joki, Director of Engineering, Futuremark

  • Member introduction
  • Standardization of benchmarking process in VR

Time Index 52:08 to 56:32
Danilo Moura, Co-Founder, Loot Interactive

  • Member introduction
  • What the ITA can do

Time Index 56:35 to 1:04:23
Billy Harrison, Product Manager, Optoma Technology

  • Member introduction
  • New untethered HMD technology
  • Why Optoma joined The ITA

Time Index 1:04:24 to 1:11:40
George Scotto, Director of Business Development, CRYENGINE (Crytek)

  • Member introduction
  • Crytek’s VR First initiative
  • ITA ideas

Time Index 1:11:44 to 1:25:40
Led by Neil Schneider Executive Director, The ITA

  • The updated ITA / ITA VR Council Missions Statement
  • Next steps

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