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It’s Time to Discuss Standards

By January 5, 2015December 9th, 2015TIFCA News
The Toronto Star at Immersed
“The ITA is a unique forum for diverse companies to identify collaborative opportunities to accelerate the mainstream adoption of virtual and augmented reality. Consumer-ready VR and AR will require many interoperating standards, and Khronos looks forward to working with the ITA to help make that vision a reality.” – Neil Trevett, President, Khronos Group (makers of OpenGL).

After the success of Immersed, the ITA’s first industry-building conference in Toronto, the participating members and industry came to the realization that the alliance is credible, strong, and self reliant. Our membership is capable of doing just about anything by working for what’s good for the industry at large, leveraging our contacts and tenured expertise for everyone’s benefit, and by tackling the problems others shy away from.  We also have a tenured management and advisory team that has a demonstrated history of positively influencing and growing the industry.

On the request of our membership, the alliance is building standards-based working groups. We are starting with virtual reality and are working towards a future where there is a recognized specification for measurable VR quality assurance and industry-wide compatibility. Standards aren’t going to be rushed out the door as there are all kinds of considerations and discussions that need to take place amongst the membership to get a viable result. What matters most is that the serious conversations are beginning, all qualified ITA members get an equal vote and opportunity to participate, and it’s all happening in a well recognized non-profit organization – The Immersive Technology Alliance.

“Academia has been working on VR for over 30 years. This is an invaluable contribution for creating Virtual Reality Standards and supporting developers and industry.” – Dr. Joseph LaViola, Director of the Interactive Systems & User Experience Research Cluster of Excellence at the University of Central Florida.

Early participants on record include:

  • The Khronos Group (makers of OpenGL)
  • ImmersiON-VRelia
  • FOVE
  • Siliconarts
  • Next Galaxy Corp
  • YEI Technology
  • University of Central Florida
  • Nextgen Interactions

“VR experiences should provide the best user experience possible independently of hardware choice. The only way is by standardizing the interaction among the different layers, cameras, sensors, HMDs, Human Interface Devices, Mobile phones, and more. The ITA has the structure, people, tenure and know-how to build the big picture and put the industry first.” – Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO of ImmersiON-VRelia.

Additional industry leaders are also planning involvement, and will be at a private CES 2015 ITA meeting. Now that we have a strong core of committed ITA technology makers in the group, we are welcoming the remaining ITA members and industry leaders to participate.

Joining the alliance is affordable, and special arrangements are available for qualified early-stage companies, content makers, and academia.

ITA representatives are at CES 2015.  The full press release and details for meeting are linked here.