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Introductory Meeting ONLINE!

By March 24, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA News

Most ITA meetings will be privately accessible by registered Immersive Technology Alliance members.  However, as this meeting was inaugural and was accessible by press, we have made the contents readily available below.

Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance, shares opening remarks and highlights the purpose of The ITA.  He also sends special thanks to many of the individuals, companies, and organizations responsible for making this meeting possible.

Brian Bruning, VP of Business Development for Technical Illusions highlights their castAR product, history, and why they joined The Immersive Technology Alliance.

Sebastien Kuntz, Founder of I’m in VR, talks about their cool VR software product line and where things are headed in the industry.

Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators, highlights their new game engine supporting VR, discussed their tenured history with The ITA, and what they are excited about in this industry.

Francesca Hartop, CEO of YEI Technology, talks about their PrioVR gaming suit and what they’d like to achieve in the VR world.  Francesca also discusses the reasons for joining The ITA.

Yobie Benjamin, COO of Avegant, talks about their history, the development of The Glyph, and exciting things about their company’s future.

Eric Mizufuka, Manager of New Ventures at Epson America, talks about Epson’s important place in immersive technology both in augmented reality and virtual reality.  Eric also highlights The ITA’s strategic importance to Epson.

Vicente Diaz, Press and International Media Relations for VRelia, talked about their new HMDs in development and why they joined The Immersive Technology Alliance.  This was a surprise presentation as they flew in special from Spain to participate with the meeting.

Ed Mason, CEO of GameFace Labs, talks about their new mobile HMDs in development.  This is quickly followed by closing remarks by Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance.

Special thanks to everyone involved with this meeting!