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ImmerVision Joins ITA

By April 19, 2016April 22nd, 2016TIFCA News


“We are delighted to join the ITA community. We have been leading innovation in 360-degree panoramic imaging for more than 15 years. Collaborating with a large ecosystem of component vendors, optics, sensors, processors, module makers and product manufacturers, we work to put in the hands of everyone the ability to capture 360° videos, share easily and experience through VR platforms. Our patented technology combines 360° panomorph optics and immersive viewing functionalities to expand possibilities for VR and beyond.” – Alessandro Gasparini, Executive Vice-President, Chief Commercial Officer.

ImmerVision specializes in 360-degree panoramic imaging, and license their patented panomorph optical and software technology to global lens producers, product manufacturers and software developers. Panomorph lenses are the only ones that can be adapted to any camera, any sensor, and any consumer, commercial and government market.

The ITA is very excited to welcome ImmerVision to the alliance!