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Immersed Opening Remarks Online

By December 1, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA News

Immersed was a tremendous success!  Taking into account the sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, delegates, and general public exhibition, Immersed featured over 250 atteendees and delegates.  The Immersive Technology Alliance is committed to doing this again in 2015, and given the high level of attendee satisfaction with our first release, we are working to make it even bigger next year.

There are still some announcements pending from Immersed, and the Toronto Star (Canada’s most circulated newspaper) ran a story on the front page of their Entertainment section about Immersed.  Immersed was definitely an event to be proud of; both for the alliance and the industry at large.

Special thanks to all the sponsors, partners, exhibitors, speakers and delegates who all helped to make Immersed successful.