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Immersed Hits Twenty-Five Speakers and Counting!

By October 21, 2014December 9th, 2015TIFCA News
“Angel investors will surely take an interest in Ontario’s best immersive-tech startups, and the Network of Angel Organizations Ontario is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about this new and exciting technology.” – Mark Lawrence, Director, Network of Angel Organizations Ontario.Immersed is an industry-building conference that specializes in content and technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D, and more.  The investment community, media, and top industry experts will all be there.

“Being involved in this event was a natural fit for Ontario Centres of Excellence.  We are supporting numerous Ontario companies who are making advances in the AR and gesture technology and this is a great opportunity to showcase their work while building new professional relationships.” – Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO of the Ontario Centres of Excellence

The Immersed conference already has twenty five speakers on record; many of whom are flying in from Canada, the USA, and Asia.  Professionals looking to bolster their career in this field, or entrepreneurs working to start their own immersive technology business are encouraged to attend.  A separate content development stream will also be made available.

Full press release linked here.  It’s time to get IMMERSED!