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Why should I Exhibit or Sponsor?

Immersed Europe is a rare opportunity for the media, investment community, government, academia, and technology and content vendors to coalesce and build.  This is an industry building event, and the most convincing way to achieve industry potential is by giving attendees and delegates the opportunity to try the experiences and technology for themselves.

The original Immersed event in Toronto resulted in ample media coverage, government trade missions, new business relationships with blue chip companies, and opportunities for vendors they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.  It’s Europe’s turn.

How Can I Exhibit or Sponsor?

Immersed Europe has a sponsorship / exhibition kit that should meet nearly every budget.  Whether it’s as simple as renting a tabletop, or sponsoring a meal for the attendees, Immersed Europe has the means to maximize your exposure and marketing potential.

All exhibitors get at least one full value registration ticket included with their exhibit.

Please email to discuss our affordable solutions.

* If you are trying to qualify for the Immersed Pre-Funded Start-Up Program, do NOT email the above address.  See below.

Immersed Pre-Funded Start-Up Program

Immersed is designed to effectively meet the needs of pre-funded content makers and innovators working on their first projects that need a helping hand.

  • One full value ticket included
  • Applicable to:
    • Independent content makers / game developers without demonstrated revenue generation or significant investment.
    • Technology makers raising first round of investment capital.
  • Not applicable for companies running an active revenue generating business or firms with a demonstrated source of investment.
  • Independent ITA member content makers instantly qualify.
  • Submissions will be reviewed for final approval.

Standard rate: 449 € + third party transaction fee + applicable VAT Tax

A special option is available for reserving this special class of ticket.  Apply through Eventbrite, and you will be personally emailed with instructions on how to purchase the exhibit with a custom access code for your company.

The Immersive Technology Alliance is offering deep discounts to member companies.  ITA membership is free for qualified content makers.  Applicants must be incorporated, sole proprietorships, or be authorized to join on behalf of the company they work for.  Corporate membership agreements must be signed.  Individual memberships (i.e. Immersed Access) do not qualify.

** All exhibitors get at least one full value registration ticket included with their exhibit! **

What do exhibitors get for their money?

As attendees:

  • Two days of talks, panels, and lectures
  • Qualified speakers from Canada, the USA, and Europe
  • Professional training for content creation
  • Great networking opportunities with industry leaders and colleagues
  • Media exposure where possible
  • Try exciting technologies and content that are rarely seen elsewhere
  • Meals and reception(s)
  • Meet new faces, new businesses, and new potential that only the East Coast can offer!

As exhibitors:

  • Increase chances for fundraising by getting exposure to government and investment community audiences.
  • Garner reputable media exposure for ideas and products.
  • Get in front of the general public; build excitement for products and crowdfunding potential.