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Immersed 2018 Welcomes Rama Krishna Aravind

By September 4, 2018TIFCA News

Founder & Creative Director
Poco Loco Amusements

Immersed 2018 is two months away, and our speakers line-up grew again. One of our latest additions is Rama Krishna Aravind, Founder & Creative Director for Poco Loco Amusements. This new venture aims to create hologram interactive X.R. Cinema and other innovative entertainment forms.

What caught our eye with Rama is he was Assistant Director for “Baahubali -The Beginning”, one of India’s highest grossing films ever made. He was later VFX Project Manager for “Baahubali – The Conclusion” which more than double its predecessors earnings.

Immersed 2018 is a future computing event (i.e. building what’s next with computers and computer media). Important themes include entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, business, and education.

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