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Immersed 2015 Schedule, Discovery Channel & Tom’s Hardware News

By September 21, 2015TIFCA News

Lucas Cochran, Tech Correspondent, Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada

“An event like Immersed is key to showing the masses that VR and AR have moved from the realm of science fiction into fact. Hardware and content are finally catching up to our lofty expectations and now we can experience those innovations first hand.” – Lucas Cochran, Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada

The Immersive Technology Alliance is excited to announce that Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet will be moderating the immersive video game panel at Immersed 2015. This panel features leading industry names like Sony Computer Entertainment, HTC, Starbreeze Studios, and WEVR. Tom’s Hardware will lead the “What’s Under the Hood” panel which features AMD, Basemark, and Jon Peddie Research. Both outlets are planning full coverage of Immersed 2015.

The session schedule for Immersed 2015 is ONLINE.  The Sunday afternoon (October 4th) is filled with technical workshops for those interested in working with virtual reality and stereoscopic 3D content. The main conference days (October 5-6, Monday & Tuesday) will have as many as four keynote addresses, and session after session of top industry names sharing their expertise and insights with immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Just some examples the nearly 30 names attached include Nokia Technologies, InMediaStudio, IM360, Canadian Film Centre, Fraunhofer, AWE Company, Next Galaxy Corp., and more. We actually just added a new session about holograms by OCAD University.  Everyone is very excited!The free to access public exhibition is on Sunday afternoon (October 4th) and further details will be revealed closer to the show. Please register in advance to ensure your spot – it’s going to be a lot of fun!