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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do attendees get for their money?

· Up to three days of talks, panels, and lectures.
· Qualified speakers from Canada, the USA, and other parts of the world.
· Professional training for content creation.
· Great networking opportunities with industry leaders and colleagues.
· Media exposure where possible.
· Try exciting technologies and content that are rarely seen elsewhere.
· Meals included.
· Meet new faces, new businesses, and new potential.
· Also featuring a Monday night networking party and reception!

What about Immersed Access?

Immersed Access is a private online community for shared collaboration and learning.  It features blogs, discussion forums, educations sessions, and more.

Immersed Access Logo

With the exception of press, all Immersed registrants qualify for a free year of membership in Immersed Access.  This is easily a $200 value.  If Immersed Access registrants have already paid for their membership, the following year will be credited.  Contact to get your registration code after your Immersed ticket is purchased.  This offer is not transferable, and registration in Immersed Access requires abiding by its terms and conditions.

Public Exhibition

The public exhibition is free, but tickets need to be reserved in advance at Eventbrite. The public exhibit opens at 11:00AM on October 4, 2015.   The scheduling is subject to change.  Details will be emailed to registrants ahead of the show.  Register in advance to make sure your spot is reserved.

How much does Immersed cost to attend?

All exhibitors get a registration ticket included. If you are a start-up getting ready to be crowd-funded or are seeking your first round of investment, visit the exhibition section first to get maximum value.

Standard rate is $495 (Canadian) + applicable third party online registration fee + HST tax.  This includes all three days (October 4-6).  While October 4th is for the public exhibition, there will also be private technical workshops for delegates.  It’s $449 if you are just attending the main conference days on October 5-6.

A limited number of early bird tickets will be available for $249 or $295 per person depending on whether or not the workshop day is registered. We are also offering discounted rates that will be offered through our promotion partners. Watch for them and take advantage. ONLY ONE DISCOUNT / DISCOUNT CODE PER REGISTRANT.

When do tickets go on sale?

They are on sale NOW!

I don’t live in Toronto. Why should I go?

Great speakers, valuable networking, a great time!

While Toronto, Canada is the hosting city, this event was designed to appeal to other under-served regions like the North American East Coast.

Why three days instead of two?

Last year, we ran the workshops and the main conference simultaneously, and we received feedback that delegates didn’t like having to make the choice and missing out.  While extending the conference is additional work, we figured out a way to keep the expenses down so the extra day wouldn’t dramatically increase the price of the tickets.

Why The Ontario Science Centre?

In addition to having affordable hotels available in the neighborhood, The Ontario Science Centre is an easy access point for the general public interested in technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and other forms of immersive tech.  The exhibit hall is just an escalator away from the front lobby!  Their conference facilities are also  well suited to our needs and will make for a positive experience for all involved.

Can I pay for JUST the workshops?

Unfortunately not.  The workshops were a bonus add-on arrangement for the main conference.  The event would not be sustainable otherwise.