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HTC Will Keynote Immersed 2015

By August 11, 2015TIFCA News

Ontario Science Centre

Immersed 2015 is going to be hosted at the Ontario Science Centre from October 4-6, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.  The Sunday is a free public access day with private technical workshops for registered delegates.  This is the perfect venue that features lots of exhibit space, a polished lecture hall, and very easy access for the general public to see what all the excitement is about (just an escalator away from the front lobby!).


Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer, HTC

What better way to showcase the great things to come than to highlight Toronto’s keynote speaker: Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer for HTC and Founder of the HTC Vive.  For those unfamiliar (and really, who isn’t familiar), the HTC Vive has been taking the VR world by storm since its first appearance at GDC 2015 in collaboration with Valve.    Phil will talk about the future of storytelling as it pertains to augmented and virtual reality as well as the applicable technologies.  Very exciting!  Of course, anyone who was at Immersed last year knows for certain the speaker lineup is going to be amazing and unique.  Ticket sales begin within the next week or so.

As for Immersed Europe, get yourselves booked while there is still time.  It’s unheard of to have a diverse lineup such as this, the two days of talks and networking opportunities couldn’t be any more packed, and it’s history in the making.  Be part of it!  Meals are included for full access delegates, and all efforts are in play to make this a positively memorable experience for everyone.  All qualified paid registrants also get a free year of membership in Immersed Access ($200 US value).

If you are part of a Meetup, preferably in Europe, we do have special options available so your group can affordably attend and show their stuff off in the exhibition.