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HTC Vive’s Founder Interviewed On-Stage at Immersed 2015

By October 8, 2015TIFCA News

The ITA’s Neil Schneider interviews Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer of HTC at Immersed 2015

The Immersive Technology Alliance is very proud of how Immersed 2015 turned out.  We’d like to express our thanks to our Premiere Sponsors AMD, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and Starbreeze Studios who were all pivotal in making this event possible.  We’d also like to extend our gratitude to our speakers, exhibitors, attendees, and media sponsors.  Exemplary media coverage has already been showcased by Tom’s Hardware and Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet, with additional coverage expected from Wifi Hifi Magazine, Jon Peddie Research, and more!

Most of the proceedings from Immersed 2015 and Immersed Europe are going to be made available in Immersed Access. All qualified speakers and paid delegates in both events will get a free year of membership in the service.  Details on Immersed Access membership will be sent out within the next few days.

In this on-stage keynote interview, Phil Chen, HTC’s Chief Content Officer and Founder of the HTC Vive, talks about his company’s future, its history, the HTC Vive, investment in immersive content, and much more.  We were honored to have him as well as over thirty other speakers at Immersed 2015!  More to come.