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HTC Speaking at the IFC Summit

By Neil SchneiderOctober 22, 2019TIFCA News
Vinay Narayan, HTC VIve

Vinay Narayan
Vice President, Platform Strategy and Developer Community

Immersive technology continues to be an important backbone for future computing and the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and The International Future Computing Summit looks forward to welcoming Vinay Narayan, Vice President of Platform Strategy & Developer Community at HTC Vive.

Vinay oversees the company’s platform approach to ensure their products are delivering the best value to their customers and commercial partners. He also manages and grows HTC’s strategic relationships and leads their efforts to create and foster a community of developer partners who are passionate about XR.

HTC has a strong excitement for high bandwidth technologies like 5G and we look forward to their insights on future computing and the Client-to-Cloud Revolution at the IFC Summit.

The International Future Computing Summit runs November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Register today as space is limited!

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