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How 5G is Powering the Next Evolution of Immersive Technology

By October 22, 2019October 28th, 2019SchedulePages

Vinay Narayan, HTC VIve

Vice President, Platform Strategy & Developer Community

The next era of computing and immersive technology is going to leveraged by a collaborative mix of high bandwidth technologies like 5G mixed with AI, XR, client-to-cloud and edge compute resources. Together, this will enable the next generation of integrated products and services and change the way we think of and measure our computing experiences.

Join Vinay Narayan, Vice President of HTC VIVE Platform Strategy and Developer Community, as he gets down to why he is excited by this paradigm shift in how our immersive experiences will be delivered to us, what this means for future developments on the horizon, and what industry building blocks are necessary for this vision to succeed.