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Get Registered For the Real-Time Ray Tracing Summit!

By June 15, 2020TIFCA News

The International Future Computing Association is proud to be a media sponsor for The Real-time Ray Tracing Summit running June 17, 2020. Ray tracing is regularly touted as a top tier computer graphics technique because it delivers the most realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows effects in games and content. While ray tracing has been around for a very long time, it’s only now that the compute horsepower and technologies are becoming readily available to the masses.

Register today to learn about the latest developments in real-time ray tracing from industry leaders!

M2’s Real-Time Ray Tracing Summit will feature market-leading presentations by Nvidia, SiliconArts, Adshir, Khronos, Adobe, Chaos Group, The Forge, and Jon Peddie Research.