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Futurpreneur Speaking at Students Night Out!

By November 2, 2018TIFCA News

Sarafina Bonsu-Akoto
Business Development Manager

Futurpreneur is nothing less than a backbone to the young Canadian entrepreneur economy. They provide mentoring, business financing, and the necessary expertise to turn amazing ideas into amazing businesses. The best part is…they are going to be speaking at the Students Night Out portion of Immersed!

Sarafina Bonsu-Akoto is Business Development Manager at Futurpreneur and is a graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Double Major in Leadership and Law & Society. She also has a certificate in Project Management from Sheridan College. Before working at Futurpreneur, she was at Bioenterprise Corporation where she led the launch of an online regulatory software and two government funded programs. At Futurpreneur, she works with newcomers and Canadian entrepreneurs alike to start their business dreams. Ms. Bonsu-Akoto will give valuable guidance to students looking to take on the enriching career of entrepreneurship in future computing.

Students Night Out is specially targeted to post-secondary students and faculty looking to have a grasp of what’s next in computing and computing media and want to be a part of it.  This is a rare evening of international speakers that will give audience members valuable mentoring, insights into what’s next and why, and some great exhibits as well.  The program is just $20 CAD plus fees and taxes, and registrations must be received in advance.  REGISTER NOW as space is limited.  Choose the “Students Night Out” ticket option for this portion of the event.  Refreshments will be served.

Of course, we expect Futurpreneur will also be among the top dignitaries walking the floors of the main Immersed program as well!  Take advantage of this rare business growing opportunity and go to Immersed!