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Futuremark Joins The Immersive Technology Alliance

By January 4, 2016TIFCA News

“Joining the ITA was an easy decision for us. Like the ITA, Futuremark believes that open cooperation is the best way to drive the success of new technologies. Since 1997, we’ve worked with industry partners to create the world’s most widely used benchmark tests. Now we’re developing VRMark, a benchmark for virtual reality systems. ITA membership provides us with an excellent forum for sharing our insights while learning from other experts in the field.” – Jukka Mäkinen, Managing Director, Futuremark

Futuremark is easily one of the most influential hardware benchmarking tools for PC and graphics hardware used by gamers, manufacturers, and media alike. Their most recent development is VRMark, a software package designed to measure how VR capable a mix of hardware is by checking such details as measured latency, accuracy, and performance.

The ITA is honored to welcome Futuremark to the fold!