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TIFCA’s Foresight 2020 Survey

Cross-Platform: Create Once Reach All (CORA)

Building a Unified Cross-Platform System

The concept of cross-platform carries a different meaning for Software Developers, Content Developers, and the Hardware Ecosystem.

As part of its Client-to-Cloud Revolution effort, TIFCA is working in stages to help develop a create once reach all (CORA) ecosystem that enables content to run on multiple hardware platforms from one version of software.  The Foresight 2020: Cross-Platform Survey is pursuing through industry-wide study an understanding of how each member of the ecosystem is defining cross-platform, and what their main challenges are with supporting cross-platform content and hardware.

The International Future Computing Association

In Collaboration With

TIFCA Foresight 2020


The Client-to-Cloud Revolution / EcosystemIT’S YOUR FUTURE!

  • Understand ecosystem challenges
  • Identify solutions
  • Move industry forward for YOUR benefit


It's about YOU!IT’S ABOUT YOU!

  • Content and application developers
  • Software engineers, coders, programmers
  • Hardware platforms and related ecosystems.

Other professionals with opinions to share can contribute too!


Knowledge is power!KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

  • Contribute to wider ecosystem perspective
  • Help identify challenges and solutions

GOING VIRTUAL!International Future Computing SummitSEE YOU AGAIN IN 2021!


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  • Learn more about Project CORA at the virtual summit.
  • Submissions completed by deadline qualify for free ticket to summit.
  • Normally invite-only, free tickets are limited!

Speakers from the previous International Future Computing Summit