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Dell’s Gary Radburn Speaking at International Future Computing Summit

By September 20, 2019TIFCA News
Gary Radburn, Dell

Gary Radburn, Director
Virtualization and Commercial VR / AR

In the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, the client comes first because that’s where the user experience lives, and this will be discussed at The International Future Computing Summit running Nov 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in in Mountain View, California.

Gary Radburn is Dell’s Director of Virtualization and Commercial VR and AR. He manages the team charged with developing and delivering VR/AR technology and works closely with Dell customers on their virtual and augmented reality deployments. He also founded Dell’s VR Centers of Excellence with locations around the world for businesses and consumers to experience and learn more about immersive technology in the real world.

Gary is also a champion for virtualization which is when a high performance computer or groups of computers can have their abilities repurposed and dynamically shared through several machines as needed.

Get registered for the summit today as space is limited!